People tend to look at talent as a rare privilege of the gifted few. But at Growin®, we look at talent not as a gift, but as a competence to be discovered and explored. A growth process that develops your potential, guiding you towards excellence, boosting your strengths with our clients and within Growin®. This may sound fairly ambitious. But don´t worry, that´s our talent.

We offer you a lot more than just a job, instead a career plan designed to suit your knowledge and growing needs.


Knowledge is of little use, if it is not shared. That´s why we periodically promote Workshop Training Sessions related to different themes, open to all Growin® employees.


In addition to the training needs, we also offer a personal development plan, based on an interpersonal mentoring logic.



Many people believe that fish grow to the size of their tank. For this reason Growin® will be the best habitat for you to develop your talent and to start a career in the IT world. Developed in partnership with the best universities in the country, Growin U™ is an innovative programme for selecting young college graduates with a degree or master´s degree to join national and international project teams in a wide range of technologies.

Take the plunge with Growin® and find out how a simple fish can turn into a shark in Information Technology.